Our Approach

We are a group of passionate students who want to make a difference today. Although long-term change is an intergenerational and difficult process, littlebighero thrives on the philosophy that we can all make a difference today

Our Story

The founding of littlebighero was catalysed by a trekking adventure through the hills of Azad Kashmir. Seeing the beauty of the landscape and the people, along with the incredible deprivation and inequalities that exist in the region of the world reinforced our desire to do something to make a difference.

Meet the Team

Shehzore Tahir III


Having lived in both Pakistan and the UK, I have been able to gain a  diverse world view and take advantage of many academic and social opportunities. I hope to use these experiences to inspire and empower others to make a difference everyday.

Haleema Adil

Junior Lead

As a first-generation Immigrant, I have seen first hand the transformative impact of opportunity and support for developing communities. In the past I created a Mental Health task force for girls in South London and currently, I work in widening participation to Medical school for children from underrepresented backgrounds. I'm excited to be a part of Little Big Hero and make tangible long-lasting change across the world


Next Steps...

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